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Man Who Spent Eight Years Crafting 23-Foot Eiffel Tower with Matchsticks Sets Guinness World Record after Being Disqualified First

A remarkable feat of patience and craftsmanship, Richard Plaud’s model of the Eiffel Tower has captured the attention of Guinness World Records (GWR) and enthusiasts alike.

Initially facing a setback when his creation was disqualified by GWR due to its construction with non-commercial matches, Plaud experienced a whirlwind of emotions throughout the ordeal.

His dedication to the project spanned an impressive eight years, during which he meticulously pieced together the towering structure using an astonishing 706,900 matches and 23 kilograms of glue.

The journey to achieving this record-breaking model was not without its challenges. Plaud’s decision to start with commercial matches was soon met with the realization of the painstaking task involved in removing the red, sulfur tops from each match. Undeterred, he sought an alternative route and reached out to the match manufacturer, who provided him with plain wooden matches to continue his endeavor.

The turn of events took an unexpected twist when GWR initially rejected Plaud’s submission, citing regulations requiring the use of commercially available matches. However, a day later, GWR reversed its decision, acknowledging the extraordinary achievement and officially recognizing Plaud’s model as the world’s tallest matchstick building.

Mark Mckinley, representing GWR, expressed delight at the opportunity to approve the model, admitting that their initial stance may have been too stringent.

Looking ahead, Plaud harbors ambitions to share his masterpiece with a wider audience, aiming to display the towering replica in Paris during the upcoming Olympics in July. This aspiration not only underscores his pride in the accomplishment but also speaks to his desire to showcase the result of years of dedication and hard work on an international stage.

The significance of this achievement is further underscored by the fact that Plaud’s creation surpasses the previous record-holder, Toufic Daher’s 6.53m (21ft) Eiffel Tower model from Lebanon, further solidifying its place in the annals of record-breaking achievements.

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