Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Mandatory for Gujranwala Students to Learn about Achievements of Pakistan Army

A notification from the District Education Administration in Gujranwala, Punjab, attests to its originality. All public and private schools in the Gujranwala district are now required by notice to teach students about the accomplishments and services of the Pakistan Army.

In schools in Gujranwala, it is now required to teach students about the accomplishments of the Pakistani Army.

A few days ago, a picture of the notification went viral on social media with the assertion that it gives Gujranwala schools the go-ahead to teach children about the accomplishments of the Pakistan Army. A Twitter user tweeted the announcement on his account: “A notification has also been issued.

Since the alert was published on March 20, the tweet has received thousands of views. A second Twitter user who left a comment on the tweet questioned the validity of the notification. “Is this true that private and public schools in Gujranwala are required to sing praises of the Pakistan Army on an ‘everyday’ basis?” he asked, “6th Gen Warfare.”

According to the media outlet, the chief executive Maroof Ahmed of the District Education Authority in Gujranwala reportedly admitted sending such a notification.

“Absolutely. We have released this notification to the District Education Authority. Just till March 23 [Pakistan Day] was it valid.

“We want to speak in favour of our institutions,” he added, “The older kids have to find jobs later, and when officers from the army visit our schools, they [the officers] can motivate them [the students].”

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