Sunday, July 14, 2024

Mari Mining Company Granted Licenses for Mineral Exploration in Balochistan

Mari Mining Company (MMC) has received two exploration licenses from the Directorate General Mines & Minerals Balochistan, allowing it to explore minerals in District Chagai.

These licenses, identified as EL-322 and EL-323, cover areas of 501.03 and 512.76 square kilometers, respectively. MMC, a subsidiary entirely owned by Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL), plans to use these licenses to broaden its mining project portfolio.

This significant development was announced to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and is part of MPCL’s broader strategy to strengthen Pakistan’s mineral mining industry. By acquiring these exploration rights, MMC aims to uncover valuable mineral resources, contributing to the economic growth and industrial capabilities of the country.

The granting of these licenses marks a crucial step forward for MMC, reflecting its commitment to advancing the mining sector. This move is expected to not only boost the company’s project base but also support the national objective of tapping into and efficiently utilizing Pakistan’s rich mineral resources.

As MMC embarks on these exploration projects, there is optimism about the potential discoveries and the positive impact on the local and national economy.

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