Thursday, November 30, 2023

Massive Decrease in Gold Value as Govt Announced New Budget, Here’s Today Rates

The Gold prices have declined enormously after the announcement of Budget 2023-24, facing a huge fall of Rs.2050/tola. All Pakistan Gems and Jewelers Association has released that after a huge decrease in the prices of gold, 1 tola has reached to Rs.2,27,250.

The prices have been reduced within a day of the budget announcement. As per the figures, 10 grams gold is now Rs. 1,94,823 after facing a cut down of Rs.1,758.

Before the announcement of budget, the gold prices surged by Rs.2,300. The year 2023-24 budget has brought an exciting drop of prices in gold, undoubtedly beneficial news for those who were planning to buy some gleaming gold pieces.

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