Monday, July 15, 2024

Massive Drop in iPhone Prices as PTA Tax Reduced

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has revised its tax allocation on iPhones on the directions of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). A significant reduction of about 10 – 20% in taxes has been announced on iPhone 14 series with major differences ranging from Rs. 9,074 – Rs. 31,562 (on Passport) and Rs. 29,832 – Rs. 34,901 (on CNIC).

The amount of tax on iPhone 14 has dropped from Rs. 134,825 to Rs. 125,751 (on passport) while the tax on CNIC has faced a major drop from Rs. 160,958 to Rs. 131,126. In addition, you can now purchase iPhone 14 pro max at reduced rates as the tax fell by Rs. 31,262 (on passport) and Rs. 34,901 (on CNIC).

Check out the tax differences on each iPhone 14 model in the table below.

iPhone PTA Tax on Passport

iPhone ModelNew TaxOld TaxDifference
iPhone 14 Pro MaxRs. 127,068Rs. 158,630Rs. 31,562
iPhone 14 ProRs. 127,000Rs. 149,775Rs. 22,775
iPhone 14 PlusRs. 125,751Rs. 140,575Rs. 14,824
iPhone 14Rs. 125,751Rs. 134,825Rs. 9,074

iPhone PTA Tax on CNIC

iPhone ModelNew TaxOld TaxDifference
iPhone 14 Pro MaxRs. 152,242Rs. 187,143Rs. 34,901
iPhone 14 ProRs. 145,801Rs. 177,403Rs. 31,602
iPhone 14 PlusRs. 131,126Rs. 167,283Rs. 36,157
iPhone 14Rs. 131,126Rs. 160,958Rs. 29,832

The iPhone users with Non-PTA approved phones should take advantage of this opportunity and for all those who were planning to get a new iPhone or upgrade from the previous models, now could be the perfect time.

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