Monday, October 2, 2023

Massive Increase in Government Employees Salary Expected

There is an increase of 30-35 percent increase in the salaries of government employees in the upcoming federal budget.

According to a report in a respected national newspaper, the government’s plan is to provide a 35 percent increase in salaries for employees in Grade 1 to Grade 16, and a 30 percent increase for officers in Grade 17 to Grade 22. There is also a proposal to increase the pensions of retired employees.

In the next fiscal year’s federal budget, the federal government intends to allocate up to 30-35 percent additional funds for government employees’ salaries and up to 17.5 percent for pensions, including medical and convalescence allowances.

The government has also made a decision to increase petroleum levy, which may raise the price of petrol from the current possible range of 50 to 55 or 60 rupees per liter.

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