Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Massive Increase in Petrol & Diesel Prices Announced by Govt in Pakistan, Here’re the Latest Rates

A substantial hike in petrol and diesel prices has been announced today, 16th August 2023, causing rising concerns across the nation. Petrol has increased Rupees 17.50 and Diseal has increased Rupees 20

According to the latest rates, the price of Petrol and Diesel has faced a sharp rise from — to settling at a new rate of –. The surge can be attributed to the depreciation of the Pakistani currency today, fluctuations in global oil markets, and economic factors that have impacted fuel costs.

As the netizens grapple with the new pricing, discussions about its potential effects on daily life and transportation expenses have taken center stage.

This is announced by the caretaker government by PM Anwar ul Haq Kakar he has passed the Summary to increase the prices of Petrol and Diesel.

The announcement sparks conversations about the economic status of Pakistan and the impacts of rising fuel prices, putting a major question mark on the survival of general public amidst surging inflation in the country.

The hike goes upto 17.50 Rupees for Petrol and 20 Rupees on Diseal. New prices for Petrol are 290.45 and Diseal 293.40.

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