Friday, May 24, 2024

Mastercard Introduces First Numberless Debit Card in Pakistan with SadaPay

SadaPay and Mastercard are partnering to introduce the first numberless and contactless-enabled card in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) area to Pakistan, enabling users to make a hassle-free and safe transaction.

The numberless card provides a safe and convenient way for SadaPay users to transact online as well as offline. There are also several physical versions of the card, which ensures that no one can see any financial details, thereby protecting users from identity theft.

Users would have to sign up for a virtual card on the SadaPay website to receive it. To enter the waitlist for the numberless card by signing up, you will also need a valid identification card. Inside the SadaPay app, cardholders have their financial information securely stored.

The numberless card is safe and can also be locked, notifying users as soon as they have been paid. Additionally, at any ATM in the world, cardholders can enjoy 3 free withdrawals, free local bank transfers under Rs. 10,000 and no annual charges.

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