Saturday, July 20, 2024

Mathematicians Discovered a New, Much Faster Way to Multiply Large Numbers

A pair of mathematicians from Australia and France have developed a different method for multiplying integers together. Using an algorithmic problem that has baffled some of the finest mathematical minds for nearly fifty years,

Most of us multiply relatively small amounts by recalling our time tables, a beneficial trick invented by the Babylonians 4,000 years ago.

But what if they increase in number? Assuming we don’t have a calculator or computer, most of us would then utilise long multiplication, another helpful concept we learn in school and a reliable method for multiplying any two integers.

The researchers found that it would take a computer months to calculate the long multiplication of two numbers with a billion digits apiece.

It would take less than 30 seconds to complete with the Sch̦nhage-Strassen method, and with their theoretical proof, it would be even faster Рtheoretically Рand might perhaps be the quickest multiplication algorithm that is logically feasible.

Although we have yet to learn how to demonstrate it rigorously, our study is anticipated to solve this challenge in this respect, says Harvey. “People have been hunting for such an algorithm for almost 50 years. It was not a forgone conclusion that someone would eventually be successful.”

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