Sunday, July 14, 2024

Matric Urdu Paper Leaked Hours Before Exam in Sindh

Once again, the cheating mafia has successfully outmaneuvered authorities and leaked the Urdu paper several hours before the Matric examination in Sindh today.

The Class-X Urdu language paper was shared among individuals through WhatsApp groups specifically in Larkana and Mehrabpur.

Despite assurances and promises from the local educational boards, the cheating mafia managed to infiltrate the examination centers, raising serious questions about the competence of invigilators and board observers in curbing such irregularities.

In addition to the pervasive cheating, power outages plagued several examination centers during the annual examination in Karachi and other cities across Sindh.

These outages forced candidates to endure extreme heat while attempting to complete their exams.

To compound the students’ challenges, many experienced sudden changes in their assigned examination centers, causing further confusion and difficulty.

It is evident that the ongoing issues of cheating, power disruptions, and last-minute changes have severely impacted the smooth conduct of the Matric examination in Sindh, leading to a distressing situation for the students.

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