Friday, December 8, 2023

MCDONALD’S Once Launched McPlanes, McTrains and McBoats in an Attempt to Expand Its Much Loved Train

McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast food chain, tried out some interesting partnerships that could have taken their famous golden arches to new and exciting places. In 1980, they introduced the McBoat, a floating restaurant on the Mississippi River, and later the McBarge in Canada.

The McBoat sailed successfully until 2000, providing food and fun on the water. However, the McBarge had a shorter run and didn’t last as long. In 1993, McDonald’s joined forces with Germany’s rail service for the McDonald’s Train. Unfortunately, it faced challenges with logistics and didn’t find enough demand, leading to its closure.

In 1996, McDonald’s even took to the skies with McDonald’s planes operated by Swiss carrier Crossair. While these unique ventures were exciting, they eventually came to an end, and McDonald’s chose to focus on their well-known restaurants on land.

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