Monday, July 22, 2024

MEDZnMORE’s Takes a Dig at the Competitors in a Viral Post

MEDZnMORE’s B2C vertical,, took to social media to share a post mentioning all its competitors’ names in an indirect manner. 

Soon after posting, netizens soon picked up on the puns and references and applauded the post, making it viral in no time. The healthcare app is known to have a quirky tone of voice and has gone viral with similar tweets and posts in the past. 

This is not the first time the health-tech startup has made funny references,, as a few days back, netizens enjoyed another status on their Facebook page., one of the leading online pharmacies in Pakistan, has time and again leveraged ongoing situations as well and participated in much-talked-about topics on social media. is a leading health-tech startup which started its operations in September 2020 & has delivered to hundreds of thousands of customers across Pakistan. They have invested heavily in building a replicable infrastructure with purpose-built warehouses, technology stack focused on just-in-time medicine inventory and an AI powered logistics solution. 

The brand tone of is known to have a friendly, amusing lingo that greatly resonates with the audience and this time was no different.

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