Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Meet 103-Year-Old Rabi Ali from Kurdistan, Oldest Person to Perform Hajj this Year

Rabi Ali, a resident of Iraqi Kurdistan, has finally received permission to go on Hajj this year. He is 103 years old and has been denied the opportunity three times before due to his age. Rabi Ali is very happy to have the chance to fulfill this important Islamic pilgrimage after waiting for three years.

He is grateful to God for the opportunity to travel and perform Hajj, which is a significant event for Muslims.

According to Karwan Stoney, the Media Officer of the Hajj Mission in the Kurdistan Region, Rabi Ali is the oldest person from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to visit the Kaaba. The age requirement for Hajj pilgrims has been removed by the Saudi authorities, allowing elderly individuals like Rabi Ali to be approved for the pilgrimage.

Rabi Ali lives in an old house in the Juman district of the Kurdistan region. From his house, he can see the highest mountain peak in Iraq. According to his identity card, he was born on July 1st, 1920.

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