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Meet Imran from Balochistan, who started from zero and is now a Entrepreneur

The province of Balochistan is full of talented young people who have demonstrated their talents and dreams for the future. Imran Khan Hara is one of those talented gems.

Imran Khan Hara is part of the Sibi district, which is Pakistan’s hottest region. He is a young entrepreneur in the e-commerce market. He is the founder and CEO of the Balochi Traditional Shop-BTS online store. This online shop is a brand of hand-embroidered goods called (Kundi).

Kundi is an embroidered thread work created in the Tehsil Lahri of Sibi District, with exclusive designs and colours. The company was initially started by creating a Facebook page. The website became so successful that its goods were not only sold in Pakistan, but also worldwide. Customized handmade wallets, bags, keychains and many other embroidered items were the products.

To bring change in society, Imran khan Hara performs several tasks. He believes in practical work rather than just theories. This is the reason why he takes actions, works and supports society on many platforms. A long list of his contributions is there. He is an active member of several organizations in the welfare field. He is the founder of the Sibi Green movement. He is also a Philanthropist, Culture & Climate Change Activist, Traveler & Influencer.

Imran Khan Hara has an optimistic attitude towards life. In every situation, his view of life is to smile. He claims that, with hard work and without worry, any job can be completed. With smiling from inside, with encouragement and motivation, the struggle should be done. Through his motivational messages, he inspires people and gives them hope and guidance for development and prosperity. He guides people in need, with integrity and grace to grow financially.

To the young people of Balochistan, Imran Khan Hara is an inspiration. He is a role model for others who want to achieve their dreams and progress by bringing a positive change to the society. He proved that one can overcome all challenges and bring a change in the world with their skills, talent and hard work.

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