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Meet Saqib Azhar, Leading E-Commerce Mentor in Pakistan

Saqib Azhar is a British Pakistani, CEO and Co-Founder of Enablers.

Mr Saqib belonged to a middleclass family based in Lahore, Pakistan. His life story is none less than a movie scene. He was an average student in secondary school. Later gave intermediate exams but, unfortunately, he was not able to score good results.

Consequently, he decided to do bachelors in computer science after which he started his internship for PKR 2000 a month and did that job for three months. For his master he went to the UK on student visa. In order to manage accommodation expenses, he worked part time serving burgers at burger king.

After some courses on management skills, he got a job in an IT Company. He advanced his skills in IT/Web related projects and With-in a few years he got the designation of Project Director to manage a team of 25+ people to run multi million dollars IT related project. At this stage he was earning PKR15 lac per month when he left his job to focus only on his Amazon Business.

But His aims were higher than that, He did not want to be a part of an ordinary 9:00 to 5:00 job. In 2010 Mr. Saqib Azhar started his Amazon business in USA marketplace and worked tirelessly, doing Product Sourcing and launching. Few of his products turned out as great success.

He returned to Pakistan in 2018 and started Enablers with the vision to build up an entrepreneur culture. Enablers aims to enable individuals to utilize their capabilities in the best possible way with mentorship.

Enablers Started with the aim to make Pakistan as eCommerce Hub, Enablers know how people struggle to get their online businesses off the ground profitably. Enablers solve this by teaching them step-by-step tested and proven tactics. Whether they are just getting started, or have been selling awhile, we’ve got something for everyone!

Enablers Mission is to help establish 200,000 Businesses and create 2 Million employment opportunities in Pakistan, and adding additional 50 Million Exports for the International E-Commerce Marketplaces and to build up an entrepreneur culture in Pakistan, strengthen the way local businesses work, improve the growth of Pakistan’s economy, and expand our e-commerce business globally.

Enablers Students from Pakistan has achieved $35 Million Dollars’ worth of sales along with thousands of success stories.

Mr. Saqib Azhar has been approached by many international companies to recognize his efforts for Pakistan in E-commerce industry and also been selected by United Nation Development Program.

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