Thursday, September 28, 2023

Mentor Health Launches Book My Surgery: A Smart Way to Book Surgery

Are you tired of the endless hassle when it comes to booking surgeries? Look no further! Mentor Health presents Book My Surgery, a revolutionary platform that puts you in control of your healthcare journey. With over 200 surgeries to choose from, 300+ renowned hospitals, and availability in 63 cities, along with a heavy discount of up to 100,000 Rs, your path to recovery starts here.

Gone are the days of uncertainty and inconvenience. With Book My Surgery, you have the power to make informed decisions that best suit your needs. Need a specific surgeon? No problem! Mentor Health allows you to handpick the surgeon of your choice, ensuring you receive the best care possible.

But that’s not all! Book My Surgery empowers you to customize your entire experience. From selecting the ideal room type to comparing rates, every aspect of your surgery can be tailored to match your preferences. Mentor Health believes that your comfort and satisfaction are paramount, and this platform makes it easier than ever to achieve just that.

And here’s the cherry on top: incredible discounts await you! By choosing Book My Surgery, you can enjoy discounts of up to 100,000 Rs. Yes, you read that right. Mentor Health understands that healthcare can be a financial burden, which is why Mentor Health is committed to providing affordable options without compromising on quality.

Dr. Ali Azeem Rajwani, CEO & Founder of Mentor Health, envisions a healthcare system centered around patients. He emphasizes the company’s mission to redefine healthcare accessibility and convenience. According to Dr. Rajwani, Book My Surgery empowers patients by providing a wide range of choices and personalized options.

Navroz Mansiya, the COO and Co-Founder of Mentor Health, emphasizes the importance of trust and transparency in healthcare. Through Book My Surgery, the company aims to bridge the gap between patients and medical professionals, fostering confidence throughout the surgical journey.

The surgical journey has made seamless for the employees as it embarks on convenience and affordability. Employers can now add more value to their employees’ lives by offering them “book my surgery” free of cost (via Mentor Health app) or can also easily book surgery for their employees using our corporate health portal and can avail exclusive discounts.

This new initiative from Mentor Health revolutionizes the way employees access surgical services, providing them with a convenient and affordable option. By offering “book my surgery” free of cost, employers can demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being and enhance the overall benefits package. The corporate health portal further simplifies the process, allowing employers to book surgeries for their employees with ease and take advantage of exclusive discounts. With Mentor Health’s innovative solutions, the surgical journey becomes more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective, benefiting both employees and employers alike.

Don’t let your healthcare decisions be dictated by others. Take charge with Book My Surgery by Mentor Health. Experience the future of surgical bookings today and embark on a journey towards improved well-being. Your surgery, your way!

Visit Mentor Health website to discover more about Book My Surgery and start your transformational healthcare experience.

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