Sunday, June 4, 2023

Message of Najam Sethi’s to India Regarding the Asian Cup.

Chairman PCB Management Committee Najam Sethi has issued a harsh message to India and said that if the neighboring country does not play the Asia Cup, then we would not go to India to play in the World Cup. If India wants to play its matches at neutral venues, we will also play World Cup matches at neutral venues. The Asia Cup cannot happen without us. Without the Pakistan India match, the broadcasters will not invest money.

The Chairman of the Management Committee stated that we have provided a model in which the Asia Cup can be hosted in two phases during a conversation with the Indian media. There is no security risk in Pakistan because all major nations have participated. Our government will not let travel to the World Cup if the Indian government does not grant authorization.

Then, according to him, our World Cup games would also take place at neutral sites. We will travel to India if it wishes to join us. India is currently ranked below Pakistan. India and Pakistan cannot be kept out of the celebration.

In a stricter tone, Najam Sethi stated that it is against ICC policy to participate if there is a security concern. For us, India’s security is a concern. We have travelled to India in the past, but India has not visited Pakistan. The India-Pakistan encounter is where the entire Asia Cup purse would be spent.

The broadcaster won’t pay for this agreement if there isn’t a game between India and Pakistan, the chairman of the management committee added. Due to their desire for the Asia Cup to take place there, Sri Lanka has an issue with the high-bird concept. All the boards were prepared to visit Pakistan at the most recent ACC conference. In the hybrid approach, if there is a manufacturing issue, we will handle it ourselves.

Even in the PSL, he claimed, we have a crew of two broadcasters. Cricket and Pakistan’s political climate are unrelated. We give the teams presidential security. India is experiencing riots as well. Cricket continues after that. Officials from the ACC are happy with this hybrid design.

Najam Sethi added that other Indian sports teams visit Pakistan as well. What exactly is the BCCI’s issue with sending the Indian cricket team? So far, ICC has no issues with the hybrid model. We are making such great sacrifices that even the final games are held in neutral locations.

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