Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Meta to Start Labelling ‘AI Generated Images’ on Facebook, Instagram and Threads

In a recent announcement, Meta, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg, unveiled its plans to introduce labeling for images created by artificial intelligence (AI) on its social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Threads.

While Meta already distinguishes images generated by its own AI tool as “Imagined with AI,” it now aims to extend this practice to include images produced by other major AI tools, such as those from Google and OpenAI.

Nick Clegg, serving as Meta’s President, emphasized the increasing prevalence of AI-generated content and the growing desire among users to differentiate between content created by humans and AI. To address this, Meta is working to provide clear labels for AI-generated images.

This initiative involves collaboration with other companies to establish common standards for labeling AI content. Additionally, Meta is actively developing tools to identify markers within AI-generated images sourced from various platforms.

Meta’s ability to label images as ‘AI-generated’ depends on other companies including information in their images to indicate their AI origins. Currently, Meta lacks the capability to identify AI-generated audio and videos from external sources. In response, Meta is introducing a feature that allows users to indicate if they are sharing AI-generated videos or audio on their platforms.

In cases where Meta identifies AI-generated content that could potentially mislead users, particularly on important matters, the company may implement larger labels to provide additional context and information.

Meta’s initiative underscores its commitment to transparency and user awareness amidst the growing prevalence of AI-generated content on social media platforms. By labeling AI-generated images and developing tools to detect such content, Meta aims to empower users with the information needed to make informed decisions while engaging with digital content.

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