Friday, May 31, 2024

Metro Bus Service to Islamabad Airport is Starting From Next Month

As per recent news, the most awaited metro bus service between Peshawar Mor and Islamabad International Airport is expected to commence in April, as buses are likely to arrive from China at the end of this month i.e. March.

Currently, the buses are under-going pre-shipment inspection by a third party, since they have been made in China. As per sources, the ship will begin its journey on March 15 to Karachi.

The sources said, “A place in the ship place has been reserved. The ship carrying buses for the Peshawar Mor to Airport route will start its journey from China to Karachi on March 15.

However, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had earlier planned to inaugurate the bus service on March 23, but it was delayed till next month due to a manufacturing company’s delay in preparing the buses because of the Covid-19 pendemic.

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