Friday, December 1, 2023

MG Apparel – Leed Platinum Certification

Mahmood Group has been a pioneer of industrial excellence since 1935 making it one of the largest exporters of Pakistan today. Over a span of 86 years, it has ventured into various businesses like Leather, textile, agriculture, retail, hospitality, poultry, and now apparel as well.

MG Apparel, a part of Mahmood Group produces premium quality trousers that are exported globally. It was created with a distinct vision to build a business entity that strived and thrived on sustainable alternatives, created opportunities for the skilled labor of South Punjab, and worked consciously on women empowerment by ensuring 75 % of the workforce was women.

MG Apparel from Mahmood Group has always been a staunch supporter of sustainable business practices. The group has taken various initiatives that help their facilities and operations reduce their carbon footprint and run a sustainable business entity.

Across the group 23MW of solar is installed catering to the electricity needs., rainwater harvesting, Effluent Treatment Plants, the use of Tonello machines that save water by 45%, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points to promote the use of green vehicles, open green areas/lawns, natural day-light provision and well ventilated interior spaces for the wellbeing of the building occupants, Miyawaki Forest which naturally filters the air in and around the MG Apparel facilities, and Smart Building Management Systems among many others.

The sheer focus of the management, qualified employees, and consultants working towards the benefit of the environment have now helped MG Apparel earn LEED Platinum Certification. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which is developed by USGBC – United States Green Building Council and administered by the GBCI – Green Building Certification Institute. LEED is a globally recognized and most credible green buildings rating system which exists today. MG Apparel has complied with and incorporated all the requirements at its facility which are required to achieve LEED Platinum certification. Owing to these efforts, MG Apparel has received 87 points, making it the highest-rated LEED Platinum project in Pakistan and the first ever from South Punjab.  By doing so, it has also joined the list of top-rated LEED Platinum projects around the World.

“It is paramount for industries to take into consideration their role in endangering the planet. MG Apparel has pledged to go carbon-free by 2050 in association with NET ZERO Coalition and many other radical measures are being taken to ensure that we rise beyond just creating an excellent product and protect our non-renewable resources.” –Kehkeshan, Head Sustainability, CSR & Business Affairs

The textile industry is a huge contributor to environmental pollution, so it is pertinent for the pioneers and leaders of the textile industry to acknowledge issues like climate change and global warming and play their part to reduce the detrimental effects of industrial practices. More industries should follow suit and adopt sustainable practices.

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