Friday, May 31, 2024

MG Pakistan Launches MG HS 2.0 Crossover SUV with Price Tag of Rs. 93 Lacs

MG Pakistan has introduced an upgraded version of its popular crossover SUV, the MG HS. Ever since it hit the market, this vehicle has been a hot topic among locals.

Initially, MG offered the Essence and Hybrid variants. Now, they’ve unveiled the latest addition: the MG HS 2.0 Turbo All Wheel Drive (AWD).

During the car’s launch event, the company announced, “Experience the Power with the MG HS 2.0 Turbo, the fastest CSUV in its class.” This new crossover SUV boasts impressive power and performance, with 226 horsepower and 360Nm of torque—a strong force on the road, as stated by the company.

In an official statement, MG emphasized, “With its strong engine and turbocharged abilities, the MG HS 2.0 Turbo accelerates smoothly, leaving its competitors behind. Whether driving in the city or on the highway, drivers will feel the thrill of this vehicle’s power with every press of the gas pedal.”

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