Sunday, April 21, 2024

Microsoft says Israeli group sold tools to hack Windows

On Thursday, America’s Microsoft Corporation & technology human rights group Citizen Lab claims that an “Israeli” group sold a tool to hack into Microsoft Windows, among increasing concerns that “Israelis” are keenly involved in the business of finding & selling tools for hacking the widely used software.

The report of the Citizen Lab includes that, the hacking tool seller, named Candiru, developed & then sold a software that has the ability to pierce Windows, many intelligences software’s and products sold by a private industry that finds out bugs and flaws in common software platforms for their users.

The report also added that, the information provided security researchers have the details how Candiru’s hacking tool spread around the world to a large no of anonymous customers, where it was used to target various civil society platforms. The provided evidence also showed that the manipulate was implemented against users in several countries, involving Iran, Lebanon, Spain & the United Kingdom.

“Candiru’s growing existence, & the use of its monitoring technology against worldwide civil-society, is a strong reminder that the greedy spying software industry comprises numerous players & is susceptible to extensive abuse,” said the Citizen Lab in its report.

Candiru’s tools were apparently also used to exploit flaws in other common software products, such as Google’s Chrome browser.

Microsoft did indirectly name Candiru, called it as an “‘Israel’-based private sector offensive actor” in accordance with the code name ‘Sourgum”.

Microsoft has written in a blog post that “Sourgum usually sells cyber weapons that allow its customers, often government agencies around the globe, to hack into their targets’ computers, phones, network infrastructure, & internet-connected devices, these agencies then choose who to target and run the actual operations themselves,” the post added.

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