Friday, September 22, 2023

Middle East Aviation Sector Needs 78,000 New Cabin Crew and 28,000 Pilots

Middle East Aviation sector will be appointing new cabin crew members and pilots in the next 10 years. As per the 2023 Aviation Talent Forecast report by CAE, a Canadian firm, the Middle East needs 28,000 pilots and 78,000 new cabin crew members.

CAE report also mentioned that there will be a 45% growth in the recruitment of cabin crew. The number of global active cabin crew members might reach 779,000 by 2032. The commercial sector business aviation will also open vacancies for 1,000 new members including 4450 seats for pilots only by 2032.

The extensive appointment in the Middle East will be a consequence of expansion as well as retirements of the previous staff. Globally, the aviation sector will require around 1.3 million professionals by 2032.

The figures revealed by CAE shows for Middle East Aviation are the following.

  • 28,000 commercial pilots.
  • 78,000 cabin crew.
  • 22,000 commercial aircraft maintenance technicians.

A reporter while expressing about the demand said that the pandemic severely impacted the aviation industry globally. Nevertheless, there is a steady growth in civil aircraft fleets to foster air travel.

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