Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Milkar.com brings a unified platform for volunteer work in Pakistan

Volunteer work is very popular in countries such as the US or Canada, especially during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, where thousands of people organize food and necessities. Sadly, Pakistan lacks such organizations that readily offer volunteer work.

We are not saying they don’t exist, but finding them and then signing up for them and engaging in volunteer events is becoming increasingly difficult.

Milkar.com is a project aimed at eliminating all of these hurdles by providing a single forum for listing social service organizations as well as other organizations. On the website people can register and check for events that need a volunteer and register for the activity in question. It is as easy as that.

More than 70 organizations, including WWF-Pakistan, SOS Children’s Village, Akhuwat Foundation and many others have already partnered with them. More than 2700 volunteers have already been received by them and 50+ events have been planned.

If you want to be part of the group with the aim of making the world better than they found it, go to the website and register yourself there.

Heather French Henry once claimed, “The very core of being a human is volunteering. Nobody has made it through life without the help of anyone else.”

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