Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Mills in Karachi Have only Two Days of Wheat Stock

Karachi: The loss of wheat reserves in flour mills in Karachi has raised fears of a flour crisis in Karachi again.

According to the Flour Mills Association, the Sindh government reneged on the written agreement, the mills were left with only two days of wheat stock.

According to the association, after May 15, an agreement was made to lift the ban on bringing wheat from Sindh to Karachi, but the ban has not been lifted till date. Karachiites have been forced to buy the most expensive flour in the entire country.

It should be remembered that the daily requirement of wheat in Karachi, a city of 30 million people, is 10,000 tons, due to shortage, the price of 100 kg sack of wheat in Karachi has reached Rs 12,300. According to dealers, mill flour is being sold at Rs 140 per kg and fine flour at Rs 150 per kg in Karachi.

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