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Mist Fan Price in Pakistan 2023 – Latest Mist Fans to Buy

When summer starts, mist fans can be a lifesaver. These fans are engineered to blow water layers into the air, thus creating a cooling mist that evaporates quickly and takes the heat away. The mist fan price in Pakistan may vary due to a large number of supplier brands.

They also come with a variety of mounting options, including pedestal, wall, ceiling, floor mounting, and direct mount to the system operators. Also, in case of an emergency, there are a few rechargeable mist fans available.

Furthermore, these fans are designed to immediately lower the temperature of the surroundings by combining the cooling effects of misting with a fan, a truly divine blend!

Best Mist Fans in Pakistan

Following are the best mist fans produced by reputable brands in Pakistan.

GFC Pedestal Mist Fan – 24 inches

GFC Pedestal


  • It has aluminium alloy construction of the highest quality.
  • Reduce heat in a room by up to 30%, which will help you stay cool.
  • It’s a true portable air conditioner that’s both reliable and efficient.
  • Even on the hottest days, it can create a comfortable environment
  • It has an electrical steel sheet that saves energy and 99.9% pure copper wire.
  • It comes with blades with an aerodynamic design for maximum air delivery.

GFC Mist Fan Price in Pakistan

The GFC Pedestal Mist Fan is available at PKR 14,800 on its official website.

Pak Fan Mist Fan Pedestal – 24 inches

Pak Fan Mist Fan


  • It is a strong, durable design of mist fan with a rustproof body
  • It has an energy-efficient and durable motor
  • Pak fan uses 99.99% pure copper wire to save energy
  • It comes with a complete metallic body 
  • This fan has 4 number of blades
  • It offers noiseless performance

Pak Fan Mist Fan Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the Pak fan mist fan comes at PKR 15,295

Royal Mist Fan Pedestal – 24 inches

Royal Mist Fan


  • Royal mist fans have a modern style that makes them appealing.
  • Its smart body dimensions enable it to fit comfortably in a small amount of space.
  • It produces far less noise.
  •  It’s made of 99.99 percent pure copper wire for maximum electrical efficiency.
  • It is powerful with a long-lasting body since the materials utilized are durable.
  • It’s also cost-effective.

Royal Mist Fan Price in Pakistan

It is available at PKR 18,000 in Pakistan.

Super Asia Mist Fan – 24 inches

Super Asia Mist Fan


  • It has the capability of automatic wind direction and cool breeze function
  • It is made up of pure copper wire with an electrical steel sheet
  • Super Asia fan is also energy efficient
  • It performs smoothly even in low voltage
  • It has a long-lasting motor making it highly durable
  • This fan comes with aerodynamic blades
  • It performs efficiently by producing no noise

Super Asia Mist Fan Price in Pakistan

The Super Asia Mist fan price in Pakistan is quite affordable for customers. It is available at PR 17,200.

Mist Fan Price in Pakistan

The following table includes the best water mist fan price in Pakistan. These are:

Models of Mist FanPrice in Pakistan
GFC Pedestal Mist FanPKR 14,800
Pak Fan Mist FanPKR 18,900
Royal Mist FanPKR 15,295
Super Asia Mist fanPKR 17,200


To conclude, this is all about mist fan. No doubt, misting fans are a great way to cool you in the summer, both inside and out. They won’t cost you nearly as much in energy bills and are quite efficient. Hot days will be much more bearable and enjoyable with the greatest mist fans.

As a result, it is a cost-effective alternative to costly room air coolers and air conditioners for keeping your home or office cool in the summer.

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