Saturday, May 25, 2024

Mohsin Naqvi Wants a List of All Employees Hired on ‘Sifarish’s Reports

After Mohsin Naqvi was appointed as Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), he requested a detailed list of staff members who have political affiliations within the organization. This move is part of his effort to ensure transparency and proper management of the cricket board.

Naqvi wants to know the current job roles, positions, and salaries of all employees, with a particular interest in those who may have been appointed for political reasons or recommendations. This inquiry aims to create a clear picture of the staff and their backgrounds.

Under Naqvi’s leadership, the process of gathering employee records has begun. This includes collecting information about each staff member’s work history and any potential political ties. Naqvi’s approach suggests that he is aiming to maintain a fair and impartial organization, free from outside influences.

Significant decisions regarding the future of the staff are expected in the coming week. This may involve changes in personnel or adjustments to current roles. Naqvi has also emphasized the importance of avoiding any lobbying or advocacy within the PCB. He wants to create a professional and unbiased environment where decisions are made based on merit.

This focus on rooting out political influence is likely to lead to a restructuring of the organization, helping to promote fairness and integrity in its operations. As the PCB prepares for these changes, all eyes are on Naqvi and his plans to bring about positive transformations within Pakistan’s cricket management.

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