Thursday, July 25, 2024

More People Went to Space than People Who Went 4,000 Meter of Depth in Ocean

According to some statistics, more astronauts have traveled to space than people who have descended to know the depths of the ocean at approximately 4,000 meters.

Finding the unimaginable has always captivated curious minds and scientists such that they willingly risk their lives to explore possibilities, no matter if it lies in the huge cosmos or deep down in the horrifying depths of the oceans.

Space traveling has observed various achievements and progress as many astronauts have ventured to witness the wonders of the cosmos and have also made breathtaking pictures of the Earth from space. However, not much achievement has been made in exploring the oceans at depth of 4,000 meters, reflecting the huge complexities and risks to life associated.

The recent incident of OceanGate submersible proves the unforgiving nature of Oceans at depths, making its exploration a big challenge.

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