Sunday, May 19, 2024

More than 1.2 Million PUBG Mobile Hackers Banned in 6 Days

In the last 6 days, the company has banned more than 1.2 million users who have been caught hacking the game for cheating. The number is enormous and it’s shocking that so many players have begun to pursue methods of cheating.

Around 12% and 7% of accounts were banned from using speed hacks that allow hackers to take advantage of their opponents and change the damage to the location, respectively. The chart shared by Tencent Games is here.

The study claims that 48% of hackers found guilty were automatically banned from the game, using auto-aim hacks and changing their character models for these hackers. An additional 22% of hackers were prevented from using an x-ray vision hack that helps users to see through the wall and other barriers. This will allow hackers to shoot through the walls as well.

The report also consists of ranks that were carried by each hacker. The study indicates that the game makers have banned 3 percent Conqueror, 6 percent Ace, 10 percent Crown, 12 percent Diamond, 11 percent Platinum, 9 percent Gold, 11 percent Silver and 38 percent Bronze.

Last week, the game received the 1.2 patch that brings, among others, new mode, weapons, and more. Tencent has made it clear by banning 1.2 million hackers from the game that it won’t allow any unfair games and will continue to ban hackers in the future as well.

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