Saturday, July 20, 2024

More than 230,000 Pakistanis Moved to UAE in 1 Year

In 2023, over 230,000 people from Pakistan moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), making it the second most popular destination for Pakistani migrants. This group made up 26.77% of all South Asian migrants.

The UAE is already home to 1.7 million Pakistani expatriates. Many of the new migrants, including professionals like doctors and engineers, left Pakistan due to a lack of job opportunities. This has raised concerns about brain drain, where skilled individuals leave the country, which can harm Pakistan’s development.

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries were the most popular destinations for Pakistani migrants. Leading the list was Saudi Arabia, with 426,951 Pakistani migrants. This trend highlights the importance of the GCC region for Pakistan’s workforce.

The financial impact of this migration is significant. Between July and March 2024, Pakistanis living in the UAE sent home $3.7 billion in remittances. These funds play a crucial role in supporting the families and economy back in Pakistan.

Trade between Pakistan and the UAE has also been growing. Pakistan’s exports to the UAE increased to Rs328.6 billion, while imports from the UAE reached Rs2.955 billion. This trade relationship benefits both countries and helps strengthen their economic ties.

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