Tuesday, April 23, 2024

More than $480mn Deposited in Roshan Digital Accounts: SBP Governor

On Friday, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor Reza Baqir said that overseas Pakistanis have deposited more than $480 million in Roshan Digital Accounts so far.

As per details, the governor of SBP said that more than 86,000 Pakistanis from overseas have opened their Roshan Digital Accounts in 97 countries.

In line with the guidance of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Roshan Digital Accounts initiative was introduced by NBP to facilitate Pakistani expats.

Earlier on December 24, Prime Minister Imran Khan took to Twitter to thank Pakistanis from abroad for sending more than $200 million via Roshan Digital Account.

“I want to thank our great asset, Overseas Pakistani. MashaAllah funds sent by them yesterday crossed $200 mn through #RoshanDigitalAccounts created by SBP. The speed is accelerating: in 76 days the first $100 mn came, and in just 28 days the next $100 mn came,” he wrote on his official Twitter account.

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