Wednesday, November 29, 2023

More than 50,000 Engineers in Pakistan are jobless, says PEC

Over the past year, the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has given training to 12,000 new engineers from across the country to enhance their skills and increase their confidence, expertise and efficiency. There are 2,60,000 engineers registered with the PEC in the country, including 2,39,000 men and 17,423 women. In total, 30% of Pakistani engineers work abroad, an official told.

Listing the numerous initiatives undertaken by the PEC, he claimed that since 2015, this institution has implemented strong reforms and the degree of its registered institutions is now recognized at international level. He said degrees are recognized at the international level by the institutions of 19 countries and PEC is also one of those institutions. The PEC controls 126 universities in the country and never allows a single additional student to be admitted against the criteria to these institutions. Otherwise, per student, the PEC imposes a fine of Rs500,000. He said PEC awarded the needy students 10 percent of its scholarships.

In Pakistan, engineers are in a very serious situation. More than 50,000 engineers are jobless in Pakistan, according to a study by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). In some cases, graduates are seen looking for job opportunities in 2015, 2016 and 2017, but it is of no use. They wait anxiously for jobs, but there is no one to put an end to their plight.

After Bachelors, many new engineers face unemployment, which stretches to months in some cases. With the help of connections, some fortunate ones get work in the first month after graduation, but not everyone has sources nor is he/she lucky enough.

As mentioned above, some either go abroad for further study simply because they are aware of the job-market situation and ordeal they will face if they stay in Pakistan, or enroll in Pakistan for a master’s degree. The rest stay jobless.

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