Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Most-awaited Windows 10X introduced by Microsoft

What began as a dual-screen computer project, changed to a single-screen device stripped-down OS, Windows 10X has finally come out in an almost shipment-ready shape. This is the first time a Windows 10X video has emerged that reveals exactly what it looks like and what it is capable of.

Windows 10X has a redesigned interface-the taskbar icons are now oriented, it has a new start menu, a brand new tablet-friendly action centre, and even a very streamlined file explorer. Windows 10X has been entirely built on the “Windows Core OS” from the ground up to provide a better user experience and improved security.

Windows 10X is intended to compete as a user-friendly OS with Chrome OS, and can be used as effectively on a tablet as it can on a standard laptop. The Windows 10X has a rather simplistic interface that makes it look much more enticing than the current edition, intended for individuals using a Chromebook or a tablet as their go-to PC.

Although the settings menu can look almost the same, the platform’s Windows Update has been redesigned. It allows the platform to download and install updates in the background automatically, so you don’t have to waste 10-15 minutes after an update on startup.

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