Friday, May 31, 2024

Motorway Police Offering 2,300+ Jobs in Pakistan; Here are the Details!

The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) has recently announced an extension of the deadline for online applications for 2,331 vacancies ranging from grade 7 to 15. This extension, until May 31, 2024, comes in response to reported technical difficulties, especially from remote areas, ensuring all potential applicants have equal access to apply.

The NHMP is offering diverse job opportunities including positions such as assistants, paramedical staff, field assistants, UDCs, photographers, stenotypists, and patrolling officers. This initiative underscores the NHMP’s commitment to ensuring smooth access to roads and ports for national development, recognizing the critical role these positions play in maintaining road safety and facilitating transportation infrastructure.

Among the available positions, the NHMP is seeking to fill 31 UDC positions, 35 Stenotypist positions, 46 Photographer positions, 2100 Patrolling Officer positions, 37 Paramedical Staff positions, 77 LDC positions, 1 Field Assistant position, and 4 Assistant positions. Each role contributes uniquely to the NHMP’s mission, from administrative support to frontline enforcement and emergency response.

The hiring process, authorized by the Establishment Division, aims to fill 2,331 C/JPO (139-07) positions spanning grades BS-07 to BS-15. Interested candidates are encouraged to review the detailed eligibility criteria and educational requirements available on the Motorway Police website at

Importantly, candidates who have already submitted their applications need not reapply, as the terms and conditions outlined in the initial job advertisement remain unchanged. The extension of the deadline and the comprehensive range of positions reflect the NHMP’s dedication to attracting qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute to the organization’s goals.

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