Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Motorway Police Return a Missing Ring Worth Rs. 10 Lakh to American Woman

The Motorway Police has scored a success by recovering and giving back a missing ring to an American woman who lost it during her journey from Lahore to Dera Ghazi Khan. A spokesperson for the Motorway Police mentioned that the ring, valued at around 10 lac Rs, was found and quickly returned to the appreciative owner.

In another noteworthy incident, Safe City Lahore showcased admirable efforts in reuniting a citizen with a lost wallet. A call from Johar Town prompted the retrieval of a wallet containing cash, an identity card, and other crucial documents, including an ATM card.

The owner expressed gratitude to the concerned citizen, Safe City officials, and the police for their assistance in locating and returning the wallet. These instances highlight the dedication and effectiveness of law enforcement and civic initiatives in ensuring the retrieval of lost items and bringing joy to the owners.

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