Saturday, June 22, 2024

MrBeast Challenges India’s T-Series CEO Bhushan Kumar for Boxing Match Amid Subscribers War

The rivalry for YouTube dominance between T-Series and MrBeast has reached a new level. MrBeast, the popular internet personality, has challenged Bhushan Kumar, the managing director and chairman of T-Series, to a boxing match. Although T-Series does not have an official CEO, MrBeast aimed his challenge at the top leader of the music giant.

MrBeast intensified the competition by posting an image on X (formerly known as Twitter) that compares the subscriber counts of both YouTube channels. Along with the image, he wrote, “I challenge the CEO of T-Series to a boxing match.”

This bold challenge has added a fresh twist to the ongoing battle for the most subscribers on YouTube. Fans of both MrBeast and T-Series are eagerly waiting to see how T-Series will respond to this unexpected proposal. The challenge has certainly brought a new level of excitement and anticipation to the competition between these two YouTube powerhouses.

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