Friday, September 22, 2023

MS Jaguar EV 125 Can Travel 130 Km on One Charge

The MS Jaguar EV-125 stands out as an exceptional e-bike that goes beyond convention, seamlessly combining innovation and style to redefine daily commutes. The e-bike’s features and performance have been thoroughly examined, resulting in an insightful review that showcases its capabilities.

What sets the MS Jaguar EV-125 apart is its impressive versatility. With Eco, Normal, and Sport modes, riders can tailor their experience to suit their preferences. Eco mode maintains a steady pace of 30-32 km/h, while Normal mode amps it up to 42 km/h. For thrill-seekers, Sport mode pushes the boundaries to an impressive 65 km/h, slightly below the advertised 70 km/h top speed.

The e-bike doesn’t just focus on speed but also endurance. In Eco mode, it boasts an exceptional range of over 150 km. Tests have confirmed this, with an impressive 130 km achieved even while switching between different driving modes.

At its core, the MS Jaguar EV-125 houses a powerful 2000W motor paired with a lithium-iron phosphate battery. The battery is built for longevity, with a lifespan of 10 years and 3500 cycles, in line with the brand’s reputation for reliability.

Charging is a breeze, with a quick 2-hour charge time and a regular charge taking only 2.5 hours. Its low energy consumption, at just 3 units per charge, underscores its commitment to sustainability.

One of its standout advantages is its minimal maintenance requirements, primarily focusing on brake shoes and tires for hassle-free rides.

While excelling in multiple aspects, there’s always room for improvement. Brake performance and headlight visibility could benefit from enhancements, and seat comfort and meter readability could be refined. On the positive side, the e-bike boasts high-quality auto parts and reliable shocks, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

Priced at Rs. 341,900, the MS Jaguar EV-125 offers a range of competitive features, making it a significant stride towards efficient, stylish, and budget-friendly electric commuting.

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