Monday, July 15, 2024

My Father Banned Me From the Academy: Azam Khan

Son of the renowned cricketer Moin Khan, the talented Azam Khan reveals that he got banned from his father’s cricket academy based on his behavior. The cricketer opens up about his remarkable self-transformation journey from being arrogant to now being a mentor figure.

Azam appeared as a guest on the ‘Hasna Mana ha’ show where he revealed that being suspended from his father’s academy came as a turning point in his life, so he decided to focus on his behavior and follow the path of self-improvement. Facing all the hurdles with courage and understanding, Azam Khan now serves as an inspiration for many youngsters.

Azam Khan began remodeling his on and off-field skills through hard work, unwavering determination, and rigorous training, emerging as a completely new personality. Azam also considers Rashid Latif as his great mentor as he went to Rashid Latif’s academy.

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