Monday, October 2, 2023

My Wedding Couple Was Even Said to Have Been Sent by the Prime Minister of India: Ishna Shah

Ishna Shah, an actress, claims that despite criticism for her wedding attire, she also received a lot of support from her followers.

Ishna Shah recently appeared as a guest on the Geo News program “Hansna Muni Hai,” where she discussed a variety of fascinating subjects as well as her personal life.

After being introduced by someone, Ashna Shah and her husband Hamza Amin fell in love after their first encounter, as she described during the show’s host’s question.

Speaking to the host Tabish Hashmi about the criticism I received following the release of the wedding photos, he said that I also received appreciation and love.

Regarding the criticism, Ishna Shah stated that many people thought I had come as an anti-state bride and others even claimed that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had sent my attire to me. However, this was not the case in our tradition up until the present. The bra on the bride’s lehenga may not be this way, but brides have been dressing in this manner and wearing red lehengas.

It should be mentioned that Ishna Shah married renowned golfer Hamza Amin in February, and after posting images of the ceremony, she received harsh criticism for her wedding attire from online users.

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