Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Mysterious Death of a Young Indian Actor, Found Dead in House

Bollywood actor Aditya Singh Rajput was found dead under mysterious circumstances at his home at the age of 32.

According to Indian media reports, Aditya Singh Rajput was found dead in the bathroom of his house in Mumbai on Monday, he was rushed to a hospital, where his death was confirmed.

Another friend of the actor told Indian media that Aditya was allegedly found unconscious in the bathroom of the house by his friend, so he took him to a nearby hospital with the watchman.

The deceased actor’s friend further said that the cause of Aditya’s death is not yet known, he may have died due to head collision or heart attack, the police are investigating, we are all waiting for the postmortem report.

Hours before his death, 32-year-old Indian actor Aditya posted a story on Instagram in which he shared a beautiful picture of mumbai’s high-rise buildings from the window of the house and wrote, ‘Sunday Fun Day with Beasts’.

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