Sunday, July 14, 2024

NADRA Introduces ‘Home Service’ for CNICs Registration, Here’s How to Register

NADRA, the organization responsible for ID card registrations, is introducing a new service in Karachi. This service will allow individuals to have their ID cards processed without having to visit a NADRA center. Instead, NADRA employees will travel to people’s homes on motorbikes to register them for an ID card.

For women, there will be a separate option where female NADRA employees will use scooters to register women only. This service will charge an extra fee in addition to the standard ID card processing fee, and the ID card will be delivered to the applicant’s home once the process is complete.

The biker service has several benefits:

  1. Convenience: People no longer need to go to a NADRA center to get their ID card processed.
  2. Flexibility: The biker service will be available at home, according to the applicant’s schedule.
  3. Accessibility: It will be easier for people with disabilities or mobility issues to get their ID card processed.

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