Friday, December 8, 2023

Nasa to Launch Free Streaming Service Featuring Live Missions and Original Shows

Nasa is launching its first streaming service, Nasa+. It will be free to watch, featuring live missions like Artemis. The platform will also include original series and new shows.

Topics teased on Nasa+ include exoplanet research, climate change, and the Sun’s influence. Well-known Nasa programs like Nasa X and Nasa 360 will be showcased. They explore technologies’ impact on space travel and life on Earth, such as lithium-ion batteries.

Nasa’s live launches are already available on YouTube and Nasa TV. Nasa+ will provide a deeper insight into the missions. It will cover astronaut training, consumer space travel, and partnerships with SpaceX and Blue Origin.

Moreover, Nasa plans to focus on non-fiction and documentaries, unlike Netflix and Apple TV. The streaming service will be available through the NASA app, media players, and the web. Nasa prepares for the next phases of its Artemis lunar mission.

By September 2028, humans will return to the moon. The first woman and person of color will be part of the mission. The first uncrewed Artemis mission was completed in late 2022.

Nasa is now gearing up for the second phase in 2024, aiming to go further in space. Additionally, Nasa is updating its websites and app. It aims to improve the user experience, making content more accessible and secure. Jeff Seaton, Nasa’s chief information officer, envisions inspiring humanity through a unified web experience.

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