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National bank of Pakistan announce job opportunities in Pakistan

The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has unveiled a comprehensive Human Resources Plan aimed at empowering diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). With a commitment to fostering a supportive workplace environment, NBP is dedicated to bridging the gap in PWD representation and celebrating all abilities.

Current Representation and Future Goals

Currently, NBP employs 165 staff members with disabilities, accounting for 1.12% of its total workforce. In alignment with State Bank of Pakistan directives, NBP endeavors to meet the sanctioned strength quota requirement of 2% (300 individuals) by the conclusion of 2024.

Strategic Initiatives

To achieve this objective, NBP has outlined a comprehensive three-year roadmap:

  1. Encouraging Applications: NBP actively encourages PWDs to apply for job opportunities by including inclusive language in all advertisements, thereby promoting female PWD participation as well.
  2. Identifying Suitable Roles: Collaborating with departments and divisions to identify suitable roles where PWDs can effectively contribute their skills and expertise.
  3. Partnerships: Partnering with organizations such as Purple Tuesday, NOWPDP, and Connect Hear, which focus on the inclusion and empowerment of PWDs.
  4. Sensitization Training: Conducting regular sensitization training for all employees across the country to ensure workforce understanding of PWDs’ needs and requirements.
  5. Accessible Services: Launching model branches designed to cater to the needs of PWD customers, offering accessible services and facilities.
  6. Accessibility Standards: Ensuring physical premises and digital platforms are accessible, user-friendly, and compliant with international accessibility standards.
  7. Assistive Technologies: Providing assistive technologies and tools to employees with disabilities to enhance their efficiency and comfort.
  8. Dedicated Support System: Establishing a dedicated support system within the organization to address the unique needs and concerns of PWD staff members.
  9. Community Outreach: Actively participating in community outreach programs and collaborating with local organizations to create awareness about disability inclusion.

Phased Approach to Quota Fulfillment

NBP’s plan to meet the 2% quota involves a phased approach, including policy framework development, internships, batch recruitment, and collaboration with organizations to source candidates.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

NBP recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion as part of its social responsibility. By empowering PWDs, NBP aims to enhance its organizational culture, promote innovation, and foster a more compassionate and understanding workforce, contributing to a brighter and more inclusive future for everyone.

For job opportunities and further information, interested candidates can visit NBP’s website at

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