Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Nauman Niaz apologizes for misbehaving with shoaib akhtar in live transmission

Nauman Niaz, a cricket expert and broadcaster, has apologised to Shoaib Akhtar, a former cricketer who is now a commentator, for a verbal spat during a live broadcast on state-run television.

Dr. Nauman said that his on-air rage was legitimate and that he apologised thousands of times for his behaviour in his first comments following the issue, which made headlines around the world.

The former host of Game on Hai, speaking with a Pakistani journalist on his YouTube channel, claimed, “I can apologise a thousand times.”

Regardless of whether it was my fault or not, I know I injured the feelings of many cricket fans, especially Shoaib Akhtar, who has been a star.

In the first interview, he narrated his version of the incident, saying that his father told him that he did not expect this from him.

He quoted his father and stated, “You made a mistake since Shoaib is the star, you should have taken care of the situation.”

“For whatever reason, I had no right to do any of this on the air, and it was entirely my fault.” “Akhtar is a superstar, and I adore his cricket,” he continued.

He apologised for his actions in front of foreign guests and acknowledged that he should have handled the situation more diplomatically. “It shouldn’t have happened in the first place.” “I’m willing to pay the price and am doing so,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Nauman Niaz shared an account regarding the behaviour of the ‘Rawalpindi Express,’ who allegedly ‘violated’ his contract with the state television.

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