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Nearpeer becomes Pakistan’s First Educational Company to Integrate GPT-4 to Revolutionize Education. Will it Replace Teachers?

Imagine! You’re in class and struggling with a concept that’s been affecting your grades. You finally muster the courage to ask the instructor a question, but as you stumble through it, you feel dumb. The instructor’s eyes seem to be judging you, and you fear being insulted in front of the class.

Just as you’re about to give up, Nearpeer’s notification pops up on your phone mentioning the Nearpeer Super Ai Bot. You get a recall of nearpeer super Ai Bot that works like a virtual friend who’s always there to help you out. After the class, you type in your question and Nearpeer Super Ai Bot quickly responds with a clear and concise answer.

You can’t believe how easy it was to understand once Nearpeer super ai bot explained it to you. You feel empowered and more confident, knowing that you have a virtual assistant to help you whenever you’re struggling.

In the age of technology and digital advancement, students rarely find it hard to study something, be it FSc Exams, MDCAT exams, CSS exams, or whatever. But do you know that AI-powered Chatbots are here to relieve you of all of your jaan ka azaabexams!!

Well, here we’ll serve with the hottest reasons on how Nearpeer’s Chatbot would support your preparations by providing you with info that leaves your instructors in awe of your abilities!

Although Pakistan’s educational setup is becoming increasingly infiltrated with technological advancements ever since google classrooms offered 24/7 connectivity between teachers and students. Amidst these developments, Nearpeer’s chatbot promises a way more solid and timely response to your queries than your teacher or any other Ai Bots. And you don’t have to worry about it being an ordinary bot!

You might have heard of ChatGPT, right?

Nearpeer’s chatbot is developed on a similar pattern!

But here is the big revolution that THIS IS EVEN BETTER THAN ChatGPT. Sounds Interesting? Keep reading, guys…

As ChatGPT is only limited to answer a few questions because of the high volume of prompts globally. So we wanted to create something just dedicated to the students so they do not have to be a part of any frustrating queue system. We know the importance of a hassle-free educational experience and that’s how we crafted all the study experience at nearpeer. With this intention, when we first launched Nearpeer Super Ai, It was amazingly welcomed by the student body. To date, this bot has answered 500k+ questions from students and most of them rated 4+ for the quick and accurate response. However, let us acknowledge one similarity, just the way ChatGPT is widely known and recognized for its brilliant weirdness that never makes you feel that it has any limitations kyunke yeh limitations se paak hai doston! You are going to observe a similar relief with this too. Moreover, it’s not just a tall claim but it will pose a challenge to ChatGPT’s growing fame in Pakistan because of its teaching capabilities, adding to its authenticity. Nearpeer’s chatbot will provide you with the best educational experience without putting you in any queue or judging you.

Wanna experience?

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Well, we know you’d have never even thought about it!

But do you know that there is always an unconscious fear of being judged by your teachers or getting harsh comments upon failing or being unable to succeed in the tasks? A very unfortunate dilemma of Pakistan’s educational system is that it has been haunted by the most inappropriate behaviors on part of teachers. Rash comments, discouraging patterns, and bullying was common and reported multiple times. But the better news is that Pakistan is finally coming out of that era.

Secondly, an appropriate number of classes comprise 30 students but in Pakistan this figure exceeds 50 or 100, or 250, & your chances of being neglected by the teacher escalate. Frustrating, uhhh!

Do not worry, But, in the presence of Nearpeer’s chatbot, you’ll never feel that way. We are doing our best to reform the Pakistani educational system. We wouldn’t allow anyone play with the education of 238.1 Million People!

Now, we’d like you to imagine that you have a friend present right beside you, who is a teacher, a mentor with no intentions of judging or hurting for not knowing something. No more humse na ho paayega’s your way! Because all you gotta do is ask this chatbot every question that pops up in your mind without thinking or worrying much about its relevance, validity, stupidity, or lameness. Just remember gaining knowledge is a process that needs courage and tough skin!

Amidst all this, we know that preparing for any entry test or competitive exam like MDCAT or CSS is one of the most arduous processes for Pakistani students because most of them are living with the burden of ab kamana shuru kar bhi dou! Some of them also get to hear “sirf bahane hein kamayi se bachne ke” People! Just know that your efforts are valuable and valid. Your need for assistance in your preparation process is inevitable! And Nearpeer’s chatbot is going to change your life. Although chatbots are now being utilized in multiple domains, Nearpeer is bringing you this exclusive experience to your screens in a real quick time with a more personalized touch in less than 5 seconds!

Feeling Amazed? Haha!

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Countless benefits, updated discussions, and insightful conversations will be at your service and all you gotta do is download the app and start your preparations with unfathomable preciseness.

For example, the ChatGPT conversations are being extensively flaunted on Twitter and multiple social media platforms which have made it an even more intriguing and valid source of learning!

Have you ever wondered how this ability could serve you in the form of Nearpeer’s chatbot? For the betterment of not just your interpersonal skills but your intellectual abilities too by stimulating your senses?

Aik secret tip ‘no more failed talking stages’ iykyk heh!

Nearpeer is claiming it to be one of the most advanced versions of Artificial Intelligence chatbots developed for learning purposes in Pakistan. And this version is quite impressive because it mimics humans in the best possible ways!

It possesses the ability to answer your queries with minimum effort and maximum accuracy. And not just thisssss!

It will also assist you in making the right voice about your optional subjects. Since most people struggle with choosing the subjects they are good at because beta! Bilkul riks nahi lene ka!

Preparing for any entry test exam comes with an extra burden because your performance in the exams is not simply judged by you or your family! In fact, sometimes it is the most exquisite meal for the relatives waiting to feast on your failures. But you don’t have to give them this chance! And trust me!

With the 24/7 guidance and unmatched help of AI chatbot by Nearpeer, aspirants are getting their magic wand! Install now to experience:

Android APP:

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By launching the FREE chatbot for its students Nearpeer intends to provide one of the most updated modes of learning for a meaningful experience. This chatbot will answer every single query of yours and will ensure that you are on the right track!

Time management, accurate guidance, motivation, and above all, a sense of the constant presence of a teacher!

Nearpeer’s chatbot will prove revolutionary to your FSc, MDCAT, CA, CSS, or any other exam preps… All you gotta do is focus a little because as we all know already zindagi mein kuch parhny ke liye kuch khona parta hai. But it’s all about the right choice, you know what you have to let go, and what you have to keep!

Just remember! Dar ke aage jeet hai.

Signing off at this note!

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