Sunday, May 19, 2024

Neom $1.5 Trillion Megacity to have Royal Palace for Saudi Crown Prince MBS

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is constructing a magnificent palace within the 105-mile-long Neom “The Line” project. Mohammed Bin Salman is known for his ability to turn extravagant ideas into reality, and the development of the $1.5 trillion Neom megacity is a testament to his vision and leadership.

This ambitious project includes a pair of glass-clad skyscrapers, towering over 170 km, a seahorse-shaped island named Sindalah, the Trojena ski resort, and the Oxagon industrial port, capturing the imagination of people worldwide about the future of urban living.

Neom has already awarded construction contracts worth over $237 billion, focusing on sustainability and innovative urban design.

“The Line” alone will provide more than seven billion square feet of floor space, surpassing the combined area of all buildings in New York City by 29%. The development will comprise various amenities such as apartments, offices, schools, police stations, museums, and notably, a royal palace.

The inclusion of a royal palace within Neom “The Line” reflects the prestigious stature of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. If completed, this palace would not only symbolize luxury but also serve as a global landmark, showcasing the Crown Prince’s opulent wealth and vision for the future.

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