Tuesday, July 23, 2024

NEPRA to Impose Fixed Charges of Up to Rs. 1,000 Per Month on Electricity Bills in Pakistan

Starting July 1, NEPRA has implemented new electricity tariffs, resulting in increased fixed charges for all consumers. Residential users will now face fixed charges ranging from Rs200 to Rs1,000, depending on their monthly electricity usage.

For example, households consuming between 301 and 400 units will be charged Rs200, while those using over 700 units will see a fixed charge of Rs1,000 per month.

Commercial and industrial users will experience even steeper increases. Commercial consumers with electrical loads under 5KW will now pay Rs1,000, while those with loads over 5KW will be charged Rs2,000. Industrial fixed charges are also set to rise significantly, with a similar percentage increase to commercial rates—300% and 355%, respectively.

The new tariffs aim to address the financial challenges faced by distribution companies (DISCOs), as there is a significant gap between the cost of supplying electricity and the revenue generated.

By increasing fixed charges, NEPRA hopes to boost the revenue for DISCOs, ensuring they can better manage their operations and reduce the financial strain. This adjustment comes amid ongoing efforts to stabilize the electricity supply system and ensure its sustainability for the future.

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