Saturday, July 20, 2024

Netizens are Shocked as They Hear 14 Million People Get Visas

The word VISA has been on the mind of most Pakistanis and looking at the recent media coverage, we have come to know that many Pakistanis are getting access to it. How is this large number rising day by day and how are people getting into the process of getting the VISA so easily? Several channels in Pakistan are covering this news.

So, what exactly is the secret behind this process? How should people apply for VISA and how easily 14 million people are getting their hands on VISA? According to sources, it is very simple and easy. It is a hot topic of discussion on TV channels and Twitter. However, no one can find the real reason behind it.

The word VISA, itself holds great power and what it unlocks holds even more power to the holder. While, many are taking advantage of such facilities, others are still waiting for something that they can get their hands on.

Is this finally a dream come true for millions of Pakistanis dying to get their VISA? As far as we’ve seen getting a VISA takes a long time, with a lot of process and document and what not. But, now things are going to turn around as people get hassle-free access to Visa. The real question still lies, how has it all been made possible? Stay tuned to get your Visa at your doorstep with just few taps.

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