Thursday, June 1, 2023

Netizens Trolled Javed Afridi for MG7 Teaser

Owner of MG Motors in Pakistan, Javed Afridi posts images of his many MG vehicles on Twitter. It can be tempting to launch a car in Pakistan, so he occasionally asks his Twitter followers for their estimates of the car’s pricing.

His initial marketing strategies to draw clients were incredibly successful because his every tweet would excite the public. The tweets of Javed Afridi were retweeted, and auto enthusiasts awaited the arrival of new vehicles on the market. However, over time, people realised that He was launching no cars and employing shoddy marketing techniques.

For instance, Javid Afridi earlier announced through tweet that the MG 3 and MG 5 would launch in Pakistan, but these vehicles have still not done so.
When Javed Afridi uploaded images of the brand-new MG 7, which was recently introduced in China, the internet community was unimpressed.

Many Twitter users made light of his remark, joking that Pakistan would never see the release of these cars, which were only released on Twitter.
Along with hinting at the introduction of these cars, Javed Afridi is well-known for saying that the MG 3 will only cost under PKR 2 million. His assertion went viral, however it appears that Javed Afridi’s claims may not be feasible given the delayed rollout of these autos.

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