Thursday, September 21, 2023

Never Slap a Man, Slap to the Face is Very Disrespectful, Khabib on Power Slap

Khabib Nurmagomedov, a famous UFC fighter, recently talked on a podcast where the host, Patrick Bet-David, asked him interesting questions. One thing they talked about was the “Power Slap,” and Khabib shared his thoughts about it.

The Power Slap is a new kind of sport that Dana White started for fun. Instead of punching, people slap each other to try to make them fall down. Khabib said that in their culture, slapping someone is seen as rude, while punching is more okay.

Many people don’t like this sport because it’s not respectful. But even with people not liking it, Dana White still promotes it because it makes him a lot of money.

Khabib and Dana White have a good relationship, and Khabib’s thoughts about the Power Slap come from his values of being polite and showing respect. Some other fighters, like Sean O’Malley, don’t like this sport either.

Even though people sometimes ask Khabib to fight again, he’s done with fighting forever. He’s not even coaching anymore. Now that Khabib, also known as “The Eagle,” is not fighting, Dana White is looking at other ways to make money.

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